This therapy is the incorporation of hot stones into a session of traditional massage for the purpose of treating injury or other disorders, relieving pain and increasing a client’s general state of relaxation and well-being.

Photo of hot stones massage by workwell therapy cardiff

Hot stone therapy in its current form is a relatively new concept starting in the mid 1900’s and gaining in popularity over the last decade. Although the use of hot stones for healing purposes goes back centuries in Eastern Asian and Native American cultures.

Treatment Format

During the session, hot stones are placed on various parts of the body allowing the heat to penetrate into the muscles and induce a state of relaxation both physically and mentally. At the same time smaller hot stones are used to perform massage moves along the body, the heat allows a deeper treatment to be given without the use of increased pressure from the therapist.

What are the benefits of Hot Stone Massage?

  Induces Relaxation
  Reduces residual pain
  Softens and tones muscles