Investing in Wellness

Why invest in Wellness at work?

Many companies are now realising the importance of developing a Health & Wellbeing strategy that is integrated into the core of their business, and are seeing it as a major factor in generating long term success.

A strong Health and Wellbeing Strategy works alongside the financial objectives, human resources, and the health and safety procedures and will enhance them.

We are Workplace Wellness consultants, we specialise in developing bespoke strategies and programmes for organisations wishing to improve employee performance.


Bespoke results orientated strategies

Workwell creates strategies that are based on the individual company’s requirements. Working alongside the Operations management team and the Human Resource department to evaluate what is suitable and putting together a plan that is practical, easy to implement, affordable and results orientated.

The Workwell Principles

Culture - Creating a culture where there is leadership within the programme, that enables and encourages buy in from your teams.

Simplicity - Easy to understand programmes, that are delivered in a format that all can understand.

Knowledge – Of your employees, it is why we work with your management team closely to ensure the right programmes are delivered to the right employees. It also allows the programme to be personal to both the employee and the company.

Opportunities – For change and development of the programme, this helps keep the programme fresh and helps ensure continued buy in.

Return on Investment – For all parties, so employees will see an increase in their health and wellbeing and employers will see an increase in results from their teams.


Photo of Workplace Wellness strategy Workwell Therapy Cardiff

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