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Nutrition Workshops

Workplace Nutrition

This workshop is a fun and educational way of learning what the food we consume does to our brains and bodies and how it affects performance.

Within the session, we look at:

What food is?

  • Carbohydrate
  • Protein
  • Fat

How it is broken down by the body


Blood sugar levels

  • How, what and when we eat affects how we think and react
  • Potential long term implications

When and what to eat for a healthy productive day

Overcoming personal and professional objections

Demonstration and participation on making a healthy lunch

This session can be extended to include a 30 day strategy and goal setting healthy eating plan. With a review of results after the month is complete.

Benefits of workplace nutrition

Workplace nutrition is a flexible service delivered as part of a strategic Wellness Programme or as a standalone offering. Nutrition is proven to help with:

Increased employee engagement
Better performance and productivity
Healthier employees
Reduced stress

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