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Back care In the workplace

Back care in the workplace

This workshop is designed to provide an understanding of how posture and positioning of the body especially the back changes how we use our body’s and how this affects the performance and capability of our brains. The workshop has a mix of theory and practical elements and includes:

How the body affects the brain – and a practical on how to change the body to increase brain function in under 3 minutes
Structure and function of the Back and Core Muscles
How to set up your Work Station correctly
A look at standard DSE assessments
Common Injuries and how to reduce your risk
Stretches and mobility exercises for the office environment

Please note:

This workshop can be used alongside a computerised DSE  self -assessment format as it will give the employee the knowledge to be able to assess themselves effectively.


Benefits of back care in the workplace

Back care workshops is a flexible service delivered as part of a strategic Wellness Programme or as a standalone offering

DSE assessment education

Increase in Performance

Reduce the risk of injuries and absenteeism

Increase employee engagement

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